HOSH has just released his new album and it is available for free!

The new album by HOSH has just been released by his own label, Fryhide, and made available for free on their Soundcloud. Stories From De Sa Talaia is a DJ mix composed of its own exclusive beats. The result was a techy, lively, progressive and paradisiacal atmosphere that combines with the out of season tranquility from the place where the German DJ, producer and label-boss chose to live and produce: Ibiza.

The launch took place with a special private party in a small village in the north of the island and was broadcasted on BE-AT.TV. In the recent work, HOSH sought to create the perfect harmony between his DJ set and his productions, building a journey that synthesizes his 20 years of road in music and that transports us in several directions: up, down and mainly deep in the grooves Melodic characteristics of the artist. A trip to emotional places.

The process of creating the album came in several live studio sessions, with a musical approach more hand-in-hand – rather than just clicking to do the mixes with the mouse. This led him to realize that there was never more synergy between the HOSH producer and the HOSH DJ. “I would say that the sounds in this mix fit better with the sounds I’m playing in my performances,” he says. “In fact, now I play all the tracks I produce and I’ve never had so much fun doing it. So the new album seems more like the sound of my` real me ‘, rather than indicating any new direction” says HOSH.

The album comes at a time of great transformations in the career of the Dynamic artist. Recently moved to Ibiza with his family – wife and baby daughter, Mia Lee – HOSH produced each track inspired by the creative atmosphere of the Balearic Island and the intimate moment with his family, until finding the harmonic set between the mixes. This ensemble brings us to the story of his life.

Fryhide will also release exclusive album tracks on separate EPs.

Listen and download the full album here: