Get to know

Before DJ there were Bands for me and I participated in several Punk and Indy Rock projects.

I was not until my twenties that I started to mix records.

I was living in San Clemente and I was probably 21-22. Cristian got some turn tables and a bunch of very old vinyl with a lot of Disco, Rock and Punk.

I was into House and we would go to Raves every weekend and in on week days we would go record shopping.

My house was full of visitors day in and out and the music was pumping all day.

We had a half pipe in the back year. Oh the good all days.

I enjoyed mixing records so much that I never played an instrument anymore (Sad).

Soon after that Summer, we had our first Residency at Full Moon Bar in San Clemente, CA on Thursday Nights.

I Grew up on Punk rock and my biggest band was the Ramones.

They loved Argentina and they would come and play every night of the week. I probably seen them for twenty years!

As I started to listen to Electronic music, my biggest inspiration came from Global Underground CD’s, Deep Dish, Sasha and Digweed, Paul Okenfold (The GU NY is amazing and so fast compare to now LOL), Hernan Catanneo,

David Seaman, etc. A mean these guys were my heroes and you can tell that Progressive House was Ruling at that time.

I like to bring a Casual Vibe and a party feel that is 100% focused on the Music without planning or structuring  things too much.

I like to play long sets so I can see and feel the mood of the crowd. Watching them get a drink, kiss, dance etc. Rather than just bang it for 60 minutes.

To me a 2-3 hour set is perfect and I can tell my story.

This October we will be playing at YOUtopia and is a Regional Burn in San Diego. I never been but I hear great things about it!

Other favorite festivals of mine are:

Coachella ( I Have only missed one since it has started,. You can tell I am a fan)

CRSFST: This is  new Festival in San Diego and is a two day waterfront festival super casual and with great Talent!

Solomun, BA2LA =) , Andre Alouette

I like to create a lot of teasing, Drama and Euphoria and while I don’t really prepare my sets too much, I like to have access to as much music as I can.

Traktor has been great for my performance as I can play in four tracks all the time.