Get to know

First time I became interested with making music and the scene was when I saw my buddy, who was doing it all (producing, DJing, and promoting parties) back in Vancouver on the CDJ 400’s! So I went back home and I convinced my cousin to give me his Technic 1000’s and I just started beatmatching day in and day out till I got it down. It’s really fun playing a set so I’ve stuck with it ever since.

Electronic music wise I’d say Deep Dish and Carl Cox to just name a couple. There are so many but they’ve always been the top of my list.

It depends what time my set is but generally speaking I aim to slowly increase the tempo and energy level just so the crowd craves for more – gotta leave them always wanting more!

The people are becoming more aware of different genres out there. Electronic music has definitely had an increase in popularity ever since 2012 I’d say. Right now I’d say everything from Deep House to Techno works well if the DJ knows what he’s doing.

2007 when I was still in school. Juggling DJing and school at the same time was interesting.

DirtyBird Campout, CRSSD & Coachella are definitely among the top ones.

Carl Cox, Solomun, Dubfire, Richie Hawtin <- all the legends

I like to have an idea of where I would go if I wanted to drop a new track depending on how the crowd reacts. Small things like that. I’d start with simple beats and build up to tracks with more energy and everything in between.