7 Great Techno/House Tracks Released in April 2017


The best of electronic music from April 2017 is here! The month is not over yet but if you cannot wait to listen to our selection of fresh tunes, you can now check it out. We know… you are welcome!

Our April chart brings to you a mix of tech-house, techno and deep house. Music for every taste, from groovy fat basses to trippy and melodic beats. If you like dry straight techno beats, you will find here as well.

This selection is not a Top7, but an invitation to listen to 7 great tracks released this month. We present you an eclectic selection of music from big labels such as Kompakt and Dynamic but also upcoming artists such as the uprising South-American duo Keskem.

Put your headphones on and turn up your volume!

1 – Sasha ft. Poliça – Out of Time (Original Mix) // Kompakt

Our list starts with this unreleased tune, which will only be available for purchase from the 28th. This collab between the Welsh underground star Sasha and the American synth-pop band Poliça is the next release by the german Kompakt. Groovy bass and melodic vocals combined never sounded so classy.


2 – Dennis Cruz – Mad // Stereo Productions

The Spanish tech-house kingpin drives a whole dancefloor mad with this track! Cruz presents once again his serious groove, this time allied to a speech questioning our society which would perfectly fit in movies such as Fight Club and Trainspotting. Perfect for Berliner dancefloors


3 – ANNA – Haze Moon (Matador remix) // Rukus

The Brazilian techno queen is indeed the sweetheart of nowadays underground. Well-received by critics and rising up in sales since tracks as Athra and Odd Concept reached Beatport’s Top10, Anna is in the best phase of her career. Her new EP Haze Moon is great and this remix by the label boss, Matador, brings a bit of softness to her heavy hands with a minimalistic reinterpretation.


4 – H.O.S.H. – Karma // Dynamic

The Hamburg-based producer Holger Behn aka H.O.S.H. used to say that making music is like cooking. Former flatmate of Dynamic’s boss Solomun, the german producer brings a very deep meal to the house and shows why Dynamic is one of the most important deep house labels in the world.


5 – Keskem – That Simple // Street King

The Brazilian duo has been making some big noise with its recent releases. That simple is a banger with a simple recipe: fat bass, groovy lead and stimulating lyrics. It’s really that simple.


6 – Laurent Garnier – From The Crypt To The Astrofloor // Kompakt

The French electronic music pioneer released ‘Speicher 95 – Tribute EP’ by the German giant Kompakt. From the Crypt to the Astrofloor is a trippy progressive journey to a dissonant peak of melancholy and euphoria.


7 – Dahu – From Whence We Came // Steyoyoke

Steyoyoke is the label to follow if you are a fan of ethereal techno. The collective from Berlin coined the term to describe the music they make: soulful, melodic and atmospheric tech and house. Dahu is a Steyoyoke veteran and presented this month ‘From Whence We Came’, a track which could not have been released anywhere else.